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Workshop on Univariate Data Analysis

Faculty of Computer Applications
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Start Date
02/01/2019 10:28 AM
End Date
02/01/2019 12:30 PM
Acharya Motibhai Patel Institute of Computer Studies
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The workshop's goal was to raise people's understanding of descriptive statistics, which are used to analyses data and explain, present, or summaries it in a meaningful fashion so that, for instance, patterns might appear. In the early, descriptive phases of research, univariate analysis is frequently utilized before being augmented by more sophisticated, inferential bivariate or multivariate analysis. The first step in comprehending a data set is to use univariate statistics to examine each variable individually. Even if you intend to extend your analysis to examine the links, or relationships, between two or more of your variables, you must first pay close attention to each variable's distribution on its own.

Contents of the workshop/Seminar:
● Introduction Univariate Data Analysis
● Univariate data types
● Data analysis and applications
● Frequency distribution table
Name of Workshop/Seminar: Workshop on Univariate Data Analysis
Date of Workshop/Seminar: 2-Jan-19
Venue & Organized By: A.M. Patel Institute of Computer Studies, Ganpat University
No. of Participants: 121
Details of Expert:
Name : Dr. Jignesh A Chauhan
Designation : Assistant professor,A.M Patel Institute of Computer Studies,Ganpat University
Email :