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One week Intensive Online Course on "Website Development using HTML"

Faculty of Computer Applications
Contact No.
Start Date
18/05/2020 10:00 AM
End Date
23/05/2020 12:00 PM
Google Meet - Online
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Many new technologies in the field of Information Technologies are developing at a very fast speed nowadays. Web development has seen its journey from the very beginning, starting from basic html only. Today many rich and advanced frameworks are available in the market that provides complex functionality. But the main problem is the industry gap from the students perspective. To learn more about frameworks and advanced web development, there is no shortcut of basic building blocks. Web frameworks are developed on the basis of main building blocks like html, CSS and JavaScript. So, these three things are prerequisites for learning any web framework like React or Angular.

The main purpose of this workshop was to fill the gap between graduate degree and master degree. So around 40 graduates like B.Com, BCA, B.Sc. (IT) and others participated in this bridge course.

We organized a workshop on “website development using HTML”. It was a one week workshop with the objective to provide a platform to the students to be aware about emerging trends and new technologies and discuss their questions regarding topics like following.

1. On the first day Mr. Sanjay Patel explained topics like structure of HTML, new semantic elements, Headings, Paragraph structures, Formatting text, Working with images, lists and tables; Iframes etc.

2. On the second day Mr. Sanjay Patel completed the concepts of form post and get methods; input controls, checkbox, radio buttons, Dropdowns, Option groups, different buttons, validators etc.

3. On the third day Mr. Mehul Patel stated concepts of CSS to structure the website like Background, Text Format, Controlling Fonts; CSS Id and Class; Box Model(Introduction, Border properties, Padding Properties, Margin properties) etc.

4. On the fourth day Mr. Mehul Patel continued the journey of CSS on the topics of Pseudo class, Attribute sector, CSS Colors; selectors and many more things.

5. On the fifth day Mr. Mehul Patel gave real demo of Creating page Layout and Site Designs

6. On the sixth day Mr. Mehul Patel completed the concepts of validation using JavaScript and Bootstrap framework