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One day Seminar on Types of Research Design

Faculty of Computer Applications
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Start Date
04/02/2018 11:15 AM
End Date
04/02/2018 01:00 PM
Acharya Motibhai Patel Institute of Computer Studies
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Research design is essential for a researcher to make sure that the conclusions they’ve come to are justified. It means that the research has to confirm or deny the hypothesis. Another purpose of research design is to broaden the researcher’s understanding of the topic, and to make them more conscious about various places, groups, and settings.Finally, research design allows the researcher to achieve an accurate understanding of the topic they are working on, and be able to explain the topic to others.

Contents of the Workshop/Seminar:
● Statement of research objectives, i.e., why the research project is to be conducted
● Type of data needed
● Definition of population and sampling procedures to be followed
● Time, costs, and responsibility specification
● Methods, ways, and procedures used for collection of data
● Data analysis – tools or methods used to analyze data
● Probable output or research outcomes and possible actions to be taken based on those
Name of Workshop/Seminar: One Day Seminar On Types Of Research Design
Date of Workshop/Seminar: 04-February-2018
Venue & Organised By: A.M.Patel Institute of Computer Studies, Ganpat University
No. of Participants: 112
Details of Expert:
Name & Designation : Dr. Jyotindra N.Dharwa,Associate Professor,AMPICS,GNU
Email :