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Two Days workshop on "Web Designing"

Faculty of Computer Applications
Contact No.
(M): +91 - 9825990759
Start Date
24/10/2020 01:00 PM
End Date
25/10/2020 04:00 PM
Acharya Motibhai Patel Institute of Computer Studies
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The objective of this workshop was to sharpen the designing ability. We organized a workshop on “web Designing"”. During the workshop new semantic elements, Headings, Paragraph structures, formatting text, Working with images, lists and tables; Iframes etc, concepts of CSS to structure the website like Background, Text Format, Controlling Fonts; CSS Id and Class, Pseudo class, Attribute sector, CSS Colors, JavaScript and Bootstrap framework were discussed very effectively. Overall it was a very comprehensive workshop for the students. Each day students were given time to solve their doubts in the online question and answers. direction. 
Details of Expert: Mr. Anish Mansoori, Sr.Web Desiner, Agile InfoWays, Ahmedabad.
The workshop was organized for graduate students. About 100 students attended the workshop. Experts introduced students with the history and basic functionality of required technologies. Students were very eager to know about how these basic concepts are closely related with advanced frameworks, which they explained very well. Then they emphasized how Facebook developed the structure or road map of React JS and how Google developed the structure or road map of Angular. They took sufficient time to make aware students with the relevant technologies. Then, Experts practically demonstrated the life cycle of web development. Workshop was ended with questions and answers which were very interesting. It took a very long time and students agreed that they got really helpful information they could use for their career and future.